A great story since 2004 

2020 New capacity of production
We integrate a machining center : for new manufacturing's ideas and to reduce our carbone impact
2019 15 years already !!
Antoine Rimaud take the place of CIO
2016 We welcome a new designer, a new carpenter and a essential executive assistant! We build a new hall of 500 m² for a painting and a assembly workshops 
2014  Proud to have 10 years,
with 18 employees, a lots of collaborators and customers.
2012  We are strengthening our commitments to reduce our environmental impact,
by investing in LED lighting, by buying exclusively PEFC certified wood, by using recycled products (such as cellular board), and above all by having better control of our own waste.
2010 We create la Fabrique
A space of 2200 , for our every trades (designers, architectes, carpenters, electricians...)
2009 Global space design begins the Mission's force :
showrooms, store layout, display conception, shop in shop programms ... take bigger and bigger place. even if the stand remains our core business
2004 Dominique Rimaud create Mission
Freelance stand's designer since 1979, Dominique create Mission in order to manage projects from design to building.  family company founded with Catherine, Antoine and Frédérique in wich 4 other people accompany us to star the adventure.